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Good readings brings happiness

7 de Fevereiro de 2010

A very good collection of texts, to make you a great thinker!

Those links below represents wisdom and intuition!

Visit and tell me I am right!

1 – In which business functions do you have the most open innovation activity in your company? – Stefan Lindegard  –15inno

2 – Want to revitalize your next meeting to trump innovation brainpower? – by eweber – Brain Leaders and Learners

3 But with Apple, and Steve Jobs, that’s not really the point now, is it? – Radical Innovation of Meaning – Apple iPad  – by Hutch Carpenter – Blogging Innovtaion

4 – Currently interest for postgraduate education is very high but funding is being slashed. – Paul Sloane – BQF Innovation

5 – So how do you start using the OODA loop to craft strategy? – Jorge Barba – Game –Changer  

6 – Specifically her perception on design activism and humanitarian design – Manal Khan – Perspectives of Innovation – Innocentive

7 – Serendipity and connecting the unexpected dots are very important still in addition to the targeted proactive searches for new opportunities.” – Michael Fruhling – Innovation Tools

8 – How to Create a Winning Business Model – by lmorris – INNOVATIONLABS

9 – Innovation from the Inside Out – Mitch Ditkoff – The Heart of Innovation


You like it! See more links, like those, next week! Bye!