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Last week I read…All great!

5 de Junho de 2010

Some of my readings:


Critical Lessons, Facts On Open Innovation by Stefan Lindegaard

In early May, I moderated a great panel discussion at The Front End of Innovation conference in Boston working with Chris Thoen, Managing Director of Open Innovation at P&G and Jeff Bellairs, Sr. Director Connected Innovation at General Mills.

To see the invisible make distinctions by Jorge Barba

Over the weekend  Ralph Ohr shared a blog post about 20 ways to see the invisible to which I want to add to it.

How many times a day do you notice something? 

My grandfather was a successful Mexican entrepreneur in his time, he designed bags for women and was also an interior designer. I was 7 seven years old when I started hanging out with my grandfather and one thing I remember about him is that he had deep empathy for people (my grandparents had a room in their house where they would give low-means people shelter for a few days).

E-tailing and the Net Generation by by Rowan Gibson

“Hey Dad, can I have your credit card number? I need to buy something online”. This is not just an annoying question my sixteen-year-old son seems to ask me two or three times a month. It’s a harbinger that e-tailing is set to go ballistic as soon as today’s teenagers get their first paychecks.

“I Link, Therefore I Am” by Mitch Ditkoff

Rene Descartes, the famous 17th century philosopher, mathematician, and physicist is best known for having distilled his world view down to five words: “I think, therefore I am.”

Innovation is playing offense, not defense by Jeffrey Phillips   via @ralph_ohr

Innovation is playing offense, not defense

Where would we be without a good sports analogy every so often?  I was thinking about the challenges of innovation recently and it occurred to me that corporate strategy and innovation is often about making a choice between defending turf and taking or creating turf.

Guidelines for Engaging in Generative Dialogue (a.k.a. The Conversation)  by Venessa Miemis 

This article is crossposted from Jorge Jaime’s blog, in response to my video post a few weeks back about “The Conversation.” I recorded an hour long chat on skype with Scott Lewis (@jazzmann91), broken down into 5 minute clips, in which we discussed the concept behind Junto. Namely, it is a conversation platform we are inspiring to be built around the intention of creating a respectful space where people can engage in generative dialogue and come to a place of understanding and shared meaning


Dozens of integrated tools help you capture what inspires you in Evernote By Chuck Frey

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a big fan of Evernote, an application that enables you to capture content from web pages, write notes, and store just about any kind of digital content you can think of. That makes it an ideal tool for me to capture all of my ideas and the things that inspire me. In short, it’s my idea management tool of choice.

Go Out and Do Great Stuff  by Tim Kastelle

I just finished an executive education course on Public Sector Innovation. It was a terrific week – doing a full course in one week is very intensive, but when you’re working with a really smart group, as we were this week, it is exhilarating.


The end of busy  by  Leo Babauta via Paul Sloane

Stop being busy and your job is half done.

Think about how busy we are, and how it has become a way of bragging: I’m so busy, I must be important.


Bruce Mau’s new book: The Third Teacher by hellodesigners

I had the opportunity to work with Bruce Mau Design at OWP/P a few years ago on a 50th Anniversary Book for the firm. Since then the two design firms completed a book, The Third Teacher. This is a strong-willed and informative book, as are all of BMD’s work. Large type, bold colors and the use of shocking statistics make this book a great addition to anyone involved in education, any parent concerned in their child’s education, and anyone questioning our country and planet’s future (hummm, that would be everyone).

Enjoy it!