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A good week! Great readings! »:-)

26 de Junho de 2010

To read is fun and makes me think!


6 Tips for Open Collaboration by Venessa Miemis

This is a crosspost from Alpha Lo’s blog, Open Collaboration. Though he had a much catchier title for the post (“What I Learned From Venessa Miemis” – ha), I thought he did a great job listing some of the attitudes and behaviors helpful when trying to extend oneself, collaborate, and evolve. Alpha’s doing some amazing work in creating gift circles on the west coast. Check out the original post and comments here.]


Design Thinking in Stereo: Martin and Brown by Paula Thornton


When the topic of “design thinking” had gained enough momentum for BusinessWeek to devote an entire issue to design in 2004, it was a siren song to me. Newly converted, I digested everything I could find. Design thinking seemed to cover most of the experiential clues I’d been collecting as the means to improve business potential.

Innovation Is All About Behaviors by Stefan Lindegaard

I just read an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on how the video game industry prepares to launch new technology-based developments such as new motion-based controllers.


Big Pharma Goes Beyond the Blues by Mitch Ditkoff

… The concept was a simple one: help organizations increase teamwork and decrease complaint by getting employees to write and perform original blues songs.

Data-rich, Discovery Poor: Pharma Looks to “Pre-Competitive” Collaborations by Deborah Goldgaber

On the 10th year anniversary of the Human Genome Project it’s been re-marked that, while undeniably a huge scientific achievement, results have fallen far short of expectations.

How Xerox Monetizes Non-Core Innovation by Andrea Meyer

Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox, discussed innovation at her company in an interview at the World Innovation Forum June 9, 2010. She described initiatives to improve the return on innovation at Xerox’s  research centers such as PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). PARC’s ground-breaking inventions like the graphical user interface, ethernet, and postscript as inventions  had a large impact on the world but didn’t contribute enough to Xerox’s bottom line.  Let’s look at why that happened and what Xerox is doing now.

Why purpose matters by Jorge Barba

A big part of strategy making is differentiating your business from others, being able to help people notice what’s different between your product or service and mine. In the beginning of the movie Dark Night when Batman has just fought off Scarecrow and a group of Batman wannabes an interesting conversation takes place:

The future of marketing – changing the game and playing field by wimrampen via Ralph Ohr

How can Service Dominant Logic and its “value in use” mindset be helpful to rethink your marketing goals and approaches?

Enjoy it!