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Does Your Culture Support Innovation? By  Holly Green

There’s a lot of people talking about innovation these days, myself included.

The good news is that business leaders seem to be sitting up and taking notice of this important subject. The bad news is that once a topic becomes popular in the media, people have a tendency to see it as the next “management flavor of the month.” In other words, they perceive it as a quick fix solution rather than a long-term change in the way they do business.

Innovation: It’s All About Relationships by Deb Mills-Scofield

I spoke with John Bartolone, Director of Open Innovation for Unilever ‘s Skin & Hair Care division the other day. Unilever is known for brands like Lipton, Slim-Fast, Ben & Jerry’s, Dove, Pond’s Lifebuoy and Axe (any of us with teenage boys knows this one!).


How Do You Know When to Jump? By Tim Kastelle

We keep hearing that the whole point of strategy is build a sustainable competitive advantage. This makes some sense, up to a point. The problem though is that the skills and routines that help us build one can also constrain us, and prevent us from responding to a changing environment.


5 Ways To Improve Your Innovation Pipeline by Rowen Gibson via @ralph_ohr

How healthy is your company’s innovation pipeline? Is it already operating at peak performance, helping you pump out a torrent of new growth opportunities across product, market, and industry spaces? Or would it be fairer to say that there is still room for improvement?

How to change people’s behavior by tweaking the environment by Jorge Barba

The interesting discussion we had about innovation being a matter of age brought up a lot of insights, one in particular was that to breed innovation an environment is more important than the age of the innovator.

Five Types of People That Kill Innovation by Stefan Lindegaard

Who are the people that kill innovation in corporate organizations? Here is my take on five types. Let me know what you think and what you can you add.

The 5 BEST Personal Growth Videos EVER by FinerMinds Team

One-Minute Life…Enthusiasm Unleashed


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