Great readings this week!

A lot of wisdom and inspiration

 Innovation – do you WANT to win? Well, do you? By Boris Pluskowski

“Authentic” is undoubtedly one of most echoed words in the Social World nowadays – applied especially liberally when explaining to companies the means by which they should be conveying themselves to the broader world in order to be heard.

The Wal-Mart Disease by Adam Hartung

Have you noticed how many of America’s leading companies have done nothing for shareholders lately?  Or for that matter, a lot longer than just lately.  Of course General Motors wiped out its shareholders.  As did Chrysler and Circuit City.  The DJIA and S&P both struggle to return to levels of the past decade, as many of the largest companies seem unable to generate investor value.


Micro-Volunteering – Innovation At Its Finest by Deb Mills-Scofield

You know all that time you spend waiting?  In line, at school, the doctor’s office, soccer practices, the bus or train? Well, what if you could use that time to do something great for someone else?  That’s the premise of The Extraordinaries , a crowdsourced micro-volunteering company started by three 20-somethings, Jacob Colker, Ben Rigby and Sundeep Ahuja.  Jacob told their story at last month’s BIF-6 conference (which is still causing a buzz).  And this has to be one of the coolest innovations I’ve seen in years.

Jack Welch on Management by Kathie Thomas

Following Bill McDermott, the former Chairman and CEO of General Electric (GE), Jack Welch shared his thoughts on everything from leadership to the Obama Administration in an energetic question and answer session.

Deciding On Your Big Strategic Innovation Move? Don’t Forget One Small Detail: How Do You Make Money? By Idris Mootee

Technology-based companies typically make one common mistake: They get too caught up in technological innovation, particularly developing new technologies, or get too obsessed with the next killer technology and thinks the world evolves around their latest invention

Welcome to the first broadcast of Core77’s Hand-Eye Supply Curiosity Club by Shaggy

Our first speaker Mark Tieszen has spent 7 years as a professional Telemark skier. Mark’s transition from athlete to designer gives him a unique perspective on the relationship between the designer and user in the process of developing athletic equipment.

ARM President Sees ‘Three Phases’ Of Tablets by Elizabeth Woyke via @Brioneja

Tudor Brown, the President of ARM Holdings–the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor intellectual property–thinks tablets will be a big deal. He also believes they are far from meeting their full potential.

Innovation Lessons From Bees by Saul Kaplan

We can learn a lot about innovation by observing the social behavior of honeybees.  Who hasn’t been riveted by devastating stories of colony collapse? 

Have a good Weekend!



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