Great readings this week! Special selection!

Looking for what women write on creativity and innovation!

Enjoy it!

Some great works this week:

Conceptual Framework for Online Identity Roles by Venessa Miemis

I just wrapped up a final project for an aesthetics course this semester, the assignment being to create a “Database of the Self.” I chose to make the database as a representation of the roles we play in terms of how we interact with information online

Creativity in Business: My Interview with George Pór by Michelle James

Interview #22 in the Creativity in Business Thought Leader Series is with George Pór, co-founder of Community Intelligence Ltd, a London-based transformation agency, the hub of an international network of consultants collaborating on larger projects.

Le Petit Chaperon Rouge by Paula Thornton

Dear @pascal_venier

This is in lieu of an email. I had to write to thank you for your tweet last Friday.

While you offered it in jest, I was touched by it at the time…then it began to to haunt and taunt me. While showering that day (where I do my best deep thinking), I kept repeating “Petit Chaperon Rogue”.

9 Sept Innochat Framing – Setting The Culture For OI & Crowdsourcing by Gwen_Ishmael

Ah, April Fools’ Day – that 24-hour period when we can play harmless pranks and practical jokes on those who are near and dear to us.

R & D Tax Credits Mean Little to Businesses That Do Not Competently Manage Their Intangible Assets by Jackie Hutter

This week, President Obama will announce a $100 billion proposal to stimulate the economy, where much of the focus is to be placed in the area of R & D tax credits. In addition to making the R & D tax credit permanent, Obama will seek increasing one of the credits available from 14 to 17 percent.

Mentoring: Who really benefits more? By Deb Mills-Scofield

Last year, I volunteered to participate in Brown University’s Women’s Launchpad Program which pairs women alumni in industry (me) with senior women for mentoring in career and graduate school planning.  My mentee, Sarah, was a Mechanical Engineering major from the Boston area and leader on the Women’s Crew Team. Our love of Brown gave us an immediate common ground and we quickly found others. We talked/emailed/texted at least weekly for the academic year. 

The world needs all types of minds & Temple Grandin by Roisin Markham

Great TED Talk from Temple Grandin whose book Animals in Translation is a must read for anyone interested in people, creativity, diversity and special needs education, opportunities and parenting.
Mico Hassett who runs Kingfisher Tea lent me the book.

What would you choose if you had three futures? By Joanna Maxwell

I’ve been using a ‘3 futures’ exercise with some of my clients lately. It’s been fun – and productive – so I thought to share it with you.

Are You Asking the Right Questions? By Holly G. Green

As a business consultant, behavioral scientist, and keynote speaker, much of what I talk about runs counter-intuitive to conventional leadership thinking.

Thank you! Have a nice week!

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