This week – Reading Is Fundamental

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If a person is not innovative with self, can she be innovative in an organization?  Jorge Barba

Good question posted by @Stevekoss from yesterday’s post: Do companies need less innovation?

The Two-Pronged Approach To Innovation Your Company Needs by Inder Sidhu via Ralph-Ohr

As companies begin to emerge from the Great Recession, organizations that spent the economic downturn innovating seem to be the most optimistic. After all, they’re the ones with new products and services to offer and new markets to pursue.

Stephen Shapiro explains why open innovation is the new paradigm of work by Michelle James and Stephen Shapiro

Interview # 21 in the Creativity in Business Thought Leader Series is with Stephen Shapiro, one of the foremost authorities on innovation culture, collaboration, and open innovation. Stephen is an author, consultant, speaker, and the Chief Innovation Evangelist for InnoCentive, a pioneer in the burgeoning field of open innovation.


La DaaS, famille d’accueil des données orphelines by bluenove

Pas n’importe lesquels, les citrons de George Akerlof, prix Nobel d’économie en 2001 et professeur à Berkley. Alors que les hippies se dirigent en combi VW vers Woodstock, il peaufine le concept d’asymétrie de l’information en étudiant, justement, le marché des voitures d’occasion.

Open Innovation Requires Visibility by Stefan Lindegaard

I had a meeting with a couple of innovation managers from a Danish company today. We got into a discussion on the open innovation efforts of Danish companies – or should I say the lack thereof.

Work Life Happiness? You Bet by Tony Hsieh

“The customer is always right” was the retailing innovation of Wisconsin-born merchant Harry Gordon Selfridge, who founded Selfridge’s department store in London in 1909.

Watch: Business Innovation Factory and Babson College Entrepreneurship Experience Lab Video Announcement by BIF Business Innovation Factory

Novel platform will focus on illuminating entrepreneur experience and development of new entrepreneur support solutions.


My Ford Touch Driver Interface – Core77 Guest post by Russell Maschmeyer.

On the final afternoon of Adaptive Path’s UX Week, Iain Roberts (Partner and Co-Leader of IDEO Chicago) presented his team’s remarkable work on My Ford Touch, Ford’s new driver interface platform. I sat down with Iain and Gary Braddock (Ford’s Chief Interior Designer) earlier that morning to discuss their research, prototyping, and production process and got a sneak peak at Gary’s Lincoln prototype.

Using Networks to Find Knowledge by John Steen

Last week Ralph Ohr left me with a challenge to think about how to use experts to get the best outcomes on making decisions under conditions of uncertainty. We constantly miss disruptive changes in the operating environment and I suppose if I really knew the answer, I wouldn’t be posting it on a blog.

Enjoy it !


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  1. Jorge Barba Says:

    Hello Jose,

    Thank you for mentioning our lively discussion in your great reads as well as for adding your valuable thoughts to it 😉

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