Some good readings this week!

Enjoy it!


20 Awesome Quotes on the Relationship Between Humor, Play, and Creativity by Mitch Ditkoff

 “To stimulate creativity one must develop childlike inclination for play and the childlike desire for recognition.” – Albert Einstein

Being Busy Makes Us Happier, but Our Instinct Is to Do Nothing by Robert I. Sutton, PhD

This research explains nearly 100% of my emotions, actions, and predilections! And it is very consistent with what every parent knows: When the kids are complaining about being bored or are sitting around being grumpy, get them to do SOMETHING no matter how trivial or inane it may seem. This may apply to bosses too, but I have to think about it.

Better Ideas Faster by David Sherwin

I had a chance to attend HOW Design Conference in Denver, Colorado, where over 2,500 designers gathered to be inspired by their peers, play with new tools and techniques, and network in some unusual ways—such as Neenah Paper’s closing party, where everyone wore white. (Have you ever seen a room with a thousand people all wearing white?) My contribution to the event was a session on how graphic designers can brainstorm more effectively.

How Can We Fix the Problems of Design Thinking? In Design Sojourn

This article has actually been sitting as a draft for a few months now. I knew I wanted to write a follow up to the popular (49 comments at the time of writing!) Design Thinking is Killing Creativity, however I held off, as I wanted to have some time to hear your feedback as well as look at the fall out of Design Thinking all over the Internet.


How Open Innovation Can Help You Cope in Lean Times by Henry W. Chesbrough

History shows that the companies that continue to invest in their innovative capabilities during tough economic times are those that fare best when growth returns.

Every Business Startup is a Series of Unexpected Events – Will You Be Ready? by: K. MacKillop

No matter how seasoned an entrepreneur, every business startup has its share of surprises. Whether the entire business idea changes radically during the early stages or an unconsidered market segment emerges as the top consumers, expect the unexpected. How a business owner deals with surprises is a major factor that determines who finds great success and who muddles through.

Design Thinking: A Solution to Fracture-Critical Systems by DMI

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The banking collapse. The foreclosure crisis. Tom Fisher, Dean, College of Design at the University of Minnesota, views each of these disasters as a “fracture-critical system,” and he sees design thinking as a potential solution.

Have a nice week!

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