Some great readings this week!

I enjoy it!


The Chain of Experience: Jobs and Innovation by Stefan Lindegaard

I really like this sentence – the chain of experience – as put forth by Andy Grove in the How to Make an American Job article in BusinessWeek.

Different Forms of Filtering Create Different Forms of Value by Tim Kastelle

Ethan Zuckerman wrote a very interesting post today called What if Search Drove Newspapers? He talks about several different initiatives designed to gauge readers’ interest in different news stories, particularly those that are currently under-reported, and then devising methods for reporting stories on these topics. He asserts (correctly, I think) that this is basically search-driven content development. In particular, this is a strategy that will work well with Google.

A young mind is a healthy mind by Jorge barba

I wrote an article for On Innovation a few weeks ago and it was published yesterday: Finding your crayons: Innovation inspiration from the young. Initially I wanted the the article to be titled ‘A young mind is a healthy mind’ but I guess that didn’t say much, but here then is what I mean in a nutshell:

How to Foster a Culture of Innovation by Mitch Ditkoff

Looking for some inspiration and tips on how to make your company more conducive to innovation? Here’s some food for thought and action — Idea Champions’ ten most popular postings on the subject.

Designers: Stop Armchair Quarterbacking. Play The Damn Game by Gadi Amit

As a naturalized American the 4th of July is an opportunity for me to reflect about this great country. As a designer I noticed a few media streams that have come together to paint an interesting picture–a picture that should be talked about in design circles just as much as any new trend or eco-philosophy.

Why Business Leaders Should Act More like Artists by John Maeda

Stereotypes abound about artists: they range from the mild (“they have fuschia-colored hair”), to the absurd (“they starve,”), to the disturbed (“they do things like uncontrollably peeing in the fireplace as depicted in the popular movie Pollock.”). Granted I know artists with wild-colored hair and others who are certainly struggling to make ends meet, but they all choose to use the restroom. I’ve also met artists who are quite plain-looking and plain-acting CEOs, lawyers, stockbrokers, and scientists.

Enjoy it!


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