Some of my readings this week! :-)

Some of my good readings this week!


New ideas don’t drop from the sky. They’re already here by Jorge Barba

Thinking is making distinctions and new ideas come from making sense of these distinctions.

‘I find it difficult to get new ideas, you always seem to come up with ideas so you do it’. This is something I hear all the time, it’s not difficult to get new ideas is. Check out what happened to me yesterday just from listening to an interview and see how simple it is to get new ideas:


E2.0 Power Term: Sharing by Paula Thornton

 Everybody’s talking about social: social networking, social CRM, social-this, social-that. It’s all just noise to me. We’re social. Get over it. It’s redundant. It only has to be called out because the stupid technology wasn’t designed for real people. We get it already.


Where’s the Value? – Put Others Before Yourself  by Stefan Lindegaard

How can I benefit from this? Whether we like it or not, this is the most common question people ask when they are presented with new opportunities or options.


Innovation Perspectives – Co-Creation vs. Open-Product Development by Debbie Goldgaber in Blogging Innovation

This is the seventh of several ‘Innovation Perspectives‘ articles we will publish this week from multiple authors to get different perspectives on ‘How should firms collaborate with customers and/or value chain partners to co-create new products and services?’. Here is the next perspective in the series:

12 Things Good Bosses Believe by Robert I. Sutton  Via @ralph_ohr

What makes a boss great? It’s a question I’ve been researching for a while now. In June 2009, I offered some analysis in HBR on the subject, and more recently I’ve been hard at work on a book called Good Boss, Bad Boss (forthcoming in September from Business Plus).

“The opposite of consumption isn’t thrift – it’s generosity”.  Via @ArnoldBeekes

This is a quote from Raj Patel’s new book, The Value of Nothing, a book which chimes deeply with Creativist thinking. The title comes from the Oscar Wilde quote, ‘Nowdays people know the value of nothing, and the price of everything’. There is a good interview with Raj on Treehugger, discussing his thinking.


Co-Creation: Not Just Another Focus Group by  Venessa Wong

In July 2008, Unilever executives convened 16 regular young men and women from around the world at a meeting in New York. Why? To tap them for ideas for a new global fragrance for Axe, a brand of men’s body spray, antiperspirant, and shower gel. The company had previously experimented with consumer-driven product development for local launches, but never for one on such a large scale.

Constraints Make Us More Creative by Tim Kastelle

For a couple of years I was the manager in charge of a self-managing marketing team (I’ll leave it to you to figure out what that actually meant!). My first year with them, we ran the most successful campaign in the history of the organisation. There were many factors that came into play that led to that success, but I am convinced that the biggest one was this: for the first time ever, we didn’t come up with a completely new theme for the campaign – we built on the one that we had been using for the past year.

Enjoy it!

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