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Thinking the Unthinkable

The New Leadership Imperative

Here we have one of the largest, most successful, most respected companies in the world. And now it faces a crisis that is not just destroying its hard-earned reputation, but could well put it out of business.

by Holly G. Green – Blogging Innovation



5 Brainpowered Freefall Stoppers

A panel of experts on NPR just warned us again that US organizations free fall daily, while developing countries advance emerging takeovers.

with Dr. Ellen Weber – brainleadersandlearners



Freewriting – a method for unblocking creativity

Freewriting is a personal creativity technique that is particularly useful when you have hit a mental roadblock.  You simply write the challenge or topic at the top of a large piece of paper and then start writing.  You can write anything related to the topic.  Here are the rules of freewriting as given by Natalie Goldberg: 

By Paul Sloane  -bqf


Innovation and the Future

It would seem logical that innovators would be concerned about the future, given that spotting new opportunities or markets before your competitors would provide an innovation advantage. 

Jeffrey Phillips – innovateonpurpose


Learning to be genuine

We generally have a disconnect between the person, business, or agency that we want to be and the reality of who or what we are today.  This disconnect is a great thing, an opportunity for growth an opportunity for improvement.  However, when not understood, it is also a major pain point, something that leads your customers, your citizens, to lack faith in your words and actions.

by John Moore customerthink



Business Model Innovation for News

We’ve talked quite a bit about the situation in which the news industry currently finds itself. It is interesting because it is an industry in the middle of massive disruption, which makes it a great case study. Consequently, lots of other people are talking about it as well.

by Tim Kastelle Innovation Leadership Network


Open Innovation Perspectives from Small Company CEO


Finn Houengaard is CEO of Kavli, a 100 person strong company that provides wholesaling distribution of food products. He wants Kavli to become more innovative and in a company with scarcer resources than the big multinationals, it is obvious to look into how they can tap into other sources.

 By Stefan Lindegaard


And …


Is Crowdsourcing Disrupting the Design Industry?

The past couple years have seen an increase in the use of crowdsourcing by companies to procure design assets. It works like this:

By Hutch Carpenter – bhc3


At the end visit

WENOVSKI design thinkers network

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