Paul Sloane disse:

Ao andar por aí li um post de Paul Sloane, no Blogging Innovation,  intitulado “When it comes to innovation, trust your intuition”.

É uma abordagem reflexiva sobre a via cientifica e a intuição onde se apontam alguns exemplos.

Vale a pena ler!

Deixo aqui o meu comentário feito nesse blog que espero seja também comentado!

José Baldaia said…

My experience as an Organizational Director in the past and as a Consultant in our days, tells me that the passion and commitment are the fundamental environment to innovation.
On the other hand intuition is to me, in fact, the lever to innovation. It may be as Isabelle said “…the result of the brain past processing experience.”, and I agree.
As a Psychologist I also like to remind Eric Berne, a little less recent, wich allows me to justify my attitude of “child”, as the most creative and dreamer, leaving the role of “adult and father” to more appropriate times.
I think that by accepting that I teach as I learn, often loose the opportunity to turn those (as Uwe) said) “…rare moments to produce art work or drama.”, into, perhaps, an “Organizational Culture”.

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